WOW – We’ve Just Discovered Photo Mechanic – Why Must Buy This!

photo mechanic toolMost of us photographers are always on the lookout for programs that can help us do our job fast. We need programs for organizing our photos, storing them and editing them. Among the many software that love using is a photo editing tool like Lightroom and Photoshop.

Recently, I found a very useful tool that you might also want to try. It is called Photo Mechanic. Photo Mechanic is an image browser created by Camera Bits, which is a company based in Oregon. Using this tool you can easily view your digital photos, choose the best and categorize them accordingly.

Photo Mechanic is also a wonderful workflow accelerator. It has customized workflows that a photographer can choose from. Photo Mechanic is regarded by many as the fastest image viewer. You can easily save IPTC information, upload and label then continue with other images.

Photos are “ingested” to the Photo Mechanic program through inserting the memory card. The latest version of Photo Mechanic is Version 5 and there is a free trial that you can use for 30 days.

Being a standalone program, you need to use it together with another program like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom. This is commonly done by professional photographers for the post production of the photos they captured in an event. Photo Mechanic has basic image editing features though which makes it more brilliant.

Some of the most powerful features of Photo Mechanic are:

  1. IPTC Stationery Pad used for batch captioning to help you caption or label picture that you want in one group.
  2. Easy renaming and fast browsing of picture. You can preview the thumbnails of each photo and rename them.
  3. Choose maximum file size you want.
  4. Easy selection of best photos through a high resolution preview display. Wedding Photographer Hampshire likes this feature because it helps him a lot in choosing his clients’ best wedding photos that need to be passed on to Photoshop for retouching.
  5. One-click passing of best photos to your photo editing program.
  6. Use of Metadata to easily save information for each picture.
  7. Fast sorting of images by date or name. This is helpful for very busy photographers like hampshire wedding photographer who needs to sort images really fast.
  8. Play back movies and choose clips.
  9. Batch cropping removal through the command “remove crops”

Camera Bit is continuously improving and updating its Photo Mechanic program so it will remain the best and fastest image browser. At a price of around $150, a photographer’s work can be done easier and faster. No need to worry about choosing, organizing, labeling and browsing thousands of photos. With Photo Mechanic, you can save time and effort.

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