Why Hiring a Professional Photographer is Important

It is commonplace in modern-day society for most guests to be snapping photographs of memorable moments at important events such as weddings. With so many smartphones being equipped with high-resolution cameras, many assume that hiring a professional photographer may be an unnecessary hassle, and an overall waste of money. Since twenty-first century technology makes it so easy to snap, filter, and post photos, it isn’t cost-effective to hire a professional photographer, right? While all of these seem like valid perspectives, hiring a professional photographer is almost vital when looking to preserve these memories in the most heart-stirring way. It is important to consider the benefits of hiring a professional photographer versus an amateur, to ensure that you are making the right decision. This big day only comes once in a lifetime, and it is important that you feel confident in your decision of who will be responsible for helping you relive these precious moments.

When viewing the portfolio of an amateur photographer, there is always the potential to either receive inadequate work, or become a victim to unethical business practices. Relying on a solitary person alone to capture these moments can be stressful in itself, and you want to make sure that you will be receiving competent and respectable services.

Most professional photographers that have been established for quite some time, will be able to provide you with feedback from previous customers and professional references. By verifying their eligibility through these various sources, you will be able to acquire enough information to determine if they will provide you with satisfactory service and follow-through.

Not only are professional photographers able to provide you with references, but most of them allow you to view a portfolio or sampling brochure of their previous work. With being able to view actual samples of their work, you will not only be aware of their skill-level and expertise, but you will also be able to get an idea of their style of photography, so that you will know if it fits with your vision.

Professional photographers have enough extensive experience and training in the field in order to accommodate their work to your specific requests. They will be able to sit down with you and go over the moments that are most valuable to you, so that they can be sure to obtain the perfect shots. Photography is not just about photographing specific events and happenings, but also being able to capture the emotion and energy surrounding the moment at hand. A professional photographer will be able to discuss which in depth moments you want to hold onto most, in order for them to provide you with the most spectacular still-frame to last a lifetime.

Each photographer has their own specific style, but many will take the time to discover what techniques and approaches their clients are most drawn to. Photography includes so many different factors that greatly impact snapshots such as lighting fixtures, backdrops, and various camera filters. A professional photographer will be able to find out which styles you are most attracted to, in order to conform to your tastes while working on your wedding day.

It may seem highly convenient and budget-friendly to hire an amateur photographer, but hiring a professional ensures that you will receive adequate services that meet your needs accordingly. These are memories that you will treasure for years to come, so it is of utmost importance to have someone you trust capturing the special moments.

At DJVS we always stress the importance of this to our photography students and instruct them NOT to offer to shoot weddings until they have worked alongside an existing professional wedding photography for at least six months.

Wedding photographers need to learn their craft as well as how to work unobtrusively on your big day – would you like you wedding photographer to be like these guys in this video? No, neither would I!

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