Tips For Taking Great Family Photos

Last week we spoke about Wedding Photography, but for this weeks blog post I want to talk about Family Portrait photography and discuss a few tips to help you get great family photos.

When you are looking to have a great family portrait done, there are a couple of details that you should pay close attention to for you to have the perfect photo. Making a family portrait should be a fun and stress free activity but in most cases people find it difficult to make this activity successful. First, it is important to understand that coordinating children to take a photo is difficult since they are not like adults who will corporate easily. Getting your children to pose needs practice and patience so that by the time the actual day comes, they will remember the training. Once you have done this, there are things to consider so that you get a good portrait.

Wardrobe Selection

When it comes to clothing, you must choose something that you feel comfortable in. Yes, wearing matching clothes is good, but, what you need are clothes that match your personality. Once you look good, you will feel confident and this will reflect in the photo and you will make great pictures. Do not be afraid to be adventurous; you can wear any colors or ornaments provided that they all coordinate. You can mix different styles by choosing one casual attire and one classic attire.

Finding The Right Location

The idea of choosing a suitable location for the session is something you should share with your photographer. At the end of it all, all you want is to get your favorite spot to be captured together with the perfect family moment. The location should be large shaded with beautiful flowers, trees and garden. Local parks would be great locations but if you have a beautiful spacious backyard, it would still work well for you. Avoid taking your photos with the sun behind you as it would have undesirable effects.


Including accessories in the photo session adds a certain touch of elegance and character to a photo. Accessories help to define who you are as a family as they explain what you like doing together as a team. If for example if you love playing chess, you can include the chess board in the photo in a creative way. Necklaces, other jewelry or even jerseys if you love sports would be a great inclusion.  Take a look at the wonderful work of Raleigh Newborn Photographer Heather Anne ( )and you will see what I mean – her choice of accessories in a photo session really seem to elevate her images to fine art standard – just wonderful!

Family fun!Have fun!

A family photo should not be all serious and formal. You can be captured running, jumping, dancing, laughing or even spinning. You will be surprised how great these moments can be captured by a professional photographer. You can have that traditional family portrait or you can make it look fun by loosening up a little bit.


Taking a family portrait needs good planning before, during and after the photo session. Make your appointment with the photographer and stick to all the agreements you make. Communication is key in making anything a success and you need to have good communication both as a family and with your photographer. To take great photos, do not sweat it; just have the right attire, attitude, add some accessories, choose a great location and just have fun together as a family.

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