Newborn Photography – Posed or Natural? What’s Best.

newborn photographyPhotography plays a big part in the different stages of our lives. In our 1st, 7th and 18th birthdays we often take plenty of pictures to remind us of these great moments. Some of us even hire a professional photographer to take wonderful shots of these special events which make event photography very in demand.

In your wedding, for sure you also hired or will hire a wedding photographer because you want the fun and dramatic moments to be captured by the camera and saved in the wedding photos. These wedding photos help remind us of our marriage vows as well as our love to our partner.

Why We Love Newborn Photography

And then came the most awaited part, which is the arrival of a baby. Most of us seek for a skilled newborn photographer to take photographs of our cute bundle of joy. We want the innocence and charm of our newborn to be captured on cam. Some of us even have the newborn pictures framed and hung on our wall.

Types of Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography is becoming more and more popular among parents today especially among first-time moms and dads. These parents are very excited and proud to show to everyone how adorable their babies are. Newborn photo shoots are often held in either a photo studio or the client’s home. Most babies are only less than 2 weeks old.

In Newborn Photography, there are also different styles that parents can choose from. Two of the common newborn photography styles are Posed and Natural.

Posed Newborn Photography

From the name itself, posed newborn is as style wherein a photographer will have the newborn lie down on a blanket, basket or other safe and cute props to produce creative images. In a posed newborn session, the newborn photographer should be skilled enough to handle a baby so no harm will be done when changing the baby’s position. Babies are unpredictable so photographers should be patient and knowledgeable on how to position the baby without disturbing his or her sleep.

Natural or Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Natural or Lifestyle Newborn Photo Shoots are usually done in the client’s home or at their preferred location. In this style of photography, babies will be photographed while they’re doing their regular routine. Since newborns usually sleep and only wake up to get fed so photographers capture his sleeping and feeding moments. Close-up shots of a sleeping newborn will surely melt the hearts of the parents. Some photographers also include the parents and siblings of the baby during the photo shoot. These photos will usually show a mom cuddling the baby, a father carrying the baby or a sibling posing beside a sleeping baby. Newborn photos like these show so much love and affection within family members. These photos are definitely worth keeping.

Which Should You Choose?

Well, if you can find a great newborn photographer that can combine both posed and natural in the photo shoot, then that would be perfect! There are skilled newborn photographers who can create brilliant newborn pictures using different newborn styles. Just make sure to find the right newborn photographer so you and your newborn will have a worthwhile experience.

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