How to Determine the Best Camera Bag for You


camera bagCamera bag is among the things that some new photographers take for granted. These photographers are not aware of how important a camera bag is since there are bags that are usually added as considered as freebies when you buy a new DSLR camera.

While the free basic camera bag is useful, there are other camera bags that are really worth looking into. Professional photographers like this wedding photographer york who have been in the photography business for quite some time can attest to how important a camera bag is.

A camera bag is not only used to properly store your prized cameras and other photography gear but also to protect them. Some photographers even have four to five different camera bags for different occasions and situations.

Now, for beginners who wish to buy a new camera bag here are some tips on how to choose which one fits you.

  1. Need and Purpose

The first thing that you should consider when choosing a camera bag is your own needs or purpose. There are there are 5 basic kinds of camera bags that you can choose from.

  • Hard case camera bag

This type is popular among photographers who are always traveling to different locations or places. The greatest feature in hard case camera bags is its durability. Some people may say that you can even kick it back and forth and still your gear is well protected inside. Hard case camera bags come in different sizes and styles. This type of camera is considered a heavy-duty bag.

  • Shoulder bags

A shoulder bag is the most typical camera bag in the market today. Camera dealers usually use it as freebie when selling their cameras. Some photographers love to use this kind of bag since it is very handy, comfortable, fashionable and some are even waterproof.

  • Waist Belt Camera Bag

Waist belt bags are easy to use thus making it easier for photographers to move around. This type of camera bag is popular among wedding and sports photographers. Unfortunately, compared to hard case or shoulder camera bags, it could not provide protection to your camera from any untoward incident.

  • Backpack camera bag

A backpack camera bag is a very popular choice among professional photographers especially to those in landscape photography. One thing why it is popular among photographers is because you can almost put all of your camera gear in one single bag. Some of its kind have built in wheel for easy handling and there are other backpacks that are really spacious so more gear and accessories can be carried.

  1. Type of Photography

Selecting a camera bag is just like choosing your first DSLR camera. Besides the fact that you actually like it, it must first be able to cope up with your job. Consider what type of photography you are into. Try to answer these questions: Are you always on rugged locations? Are you always on the go? Do you often travel or just stay in a studio?

  1. Quality

In choosing your camera bag, be sure to check first its quality. A common problem among camera bags is the zipper. Some camera bags have low quality zipper that can present a problem in the future. When checking the quality, try to zip it in and out to check it before purchasing it. Also, you may want to consider buying waterproof bags so you cameras will really be protected.

  1. Compartment

Choose a camera bag with multiple pockets and extra compartment for yourLenses. Since it is common for photographers to bring more than one lens per shoot, it is important to consider a bag where you can arrange your accessories in different compartments.

By choosing the right camera bag, your photography equipment can be properly stored and kept protected at all times.

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