How Parents Can Prepare Their Newborn for a Photo Shoot


newborn photo sessionA newborn photo shoot is always an exciting experience that parents look forward to. As a newborn photographer, you need to help the parents prepare for this photo shoot. They need to know how to best prepare their baby and what to expect from the photo shoot.

Getting your clients ready can help make this pictorial a success. Apart from undergoing proper photography training, photographers like you should guide and educate the parents on how to get their baby ready for this once-in-a-lifetime newborn pictorial.

Now, what tips should you give the parents to help them prepare their baby for the photo shoot? Here are some tips that we want to share with you.

  1. Keep the baby awake hours before pictorial

Suggest parents to play with their baby a few hours before the scheduled shoot. They need to keep the awake through play or eat so that during the photo shoot, the baby will be somehow tired and will yearn for a deep and long sleep.

  1. Ensure the baby is full

The newborn must be on a full stomach before and during the newborn shoot. A hungry baby is irritable and will most likely cry throughout the session. Hence, tell the parents to make sure the baby is well-fed before you take pictures.

  1. Bring a pacifier to appease the baby

A pacifier may help make the baby fall in deep sleep especially if the baby is used to it. You can either remove the pacifier once the baby is calm or you can include it in the picture.

  1. Have the baby wear loose clothing

Before the parents bring the baby to the studio, they should have their little one wear something loose so there will be no visible marks on the body. Too tight clothes can imprint a mark on their body and it won’t look good in the pictures. Parents can have their newborn wear clothes with zipper or buttons so it is easier to remove. Baby Photographer London finds this tip very important.

  1. Nursing moms avoid food that may upset infant’s tummy

You can recommend that nursing moms avoid food that may have an impact on the breast milk. Say for example spicy food can most likely upset the infant’s stomach him or her not to sleep well so this must be avoided by the mom.

  1. Make him/her feel warm

Babies need to feel warm during the photo shoot. If the shoot will be done in your studio then it is your responsibility to keep it warm. But then, if it will be done in the client’s house, the parents must use a heater or other means to keep the room warm and the baby comfortable.

  1. Bring props

Tell the parents to bring significant props that they want the baby to use. It can be a handed down blanket or piece of clothing. They need to make sure though that the props are safe and clean.

  1. Simple, no print blanket or clothes are better

Since most newborns are photographed with only blankets or wraps on, it is best if these items have no prints on them. Blanket or clothing items can catch attention making viewers deviate their eyes from the baby to the clothing.

A newborn photo session usually takes 2-3 hours if the baby is in deep sleep or longer if something unexpected happens. To avoid getting bored, you can suggest for parents to bring a book or anything that can keep them busy. They can also choose to assist you in handling the baby during the newborn photo session.

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