Five Important Wedding Photography Questions to Ask Before Hiring

wedding tipsA wedding is one of the most special events that happen in a person’s life. Most of us get married once in our whole lifetime and so we want it to be really memorable and worth reminiscing over the coming years.

Wedding photography remains the best way for a couple to remember their wonderful union in marriage. Wedding photos are so powerful that we feel nostalgic upon seeing pictures of ourselves exchanging vows or mingling with the guests during this very special occasion. Of course, this won’t be achievable without the help and expertise of a professional wedding photographer.

A professional wedding photographer definitely has a huge role in making one’s wedding successful. This wedding photographer is one of the wedding professionals that you shouldn’t forget to hire for your wedding. Great wedding photographers like wedding photographer London can deliver a wedding album that is like a fairytale book that shows real love between two people. This overwhelming wedding photo album is only possible if you hire a professional wedding photographer and not just an average photo hobbyist.

Choosing a wedding photographer might be somehow difficult since there are many photographers today that are offering their services. You will have to be very careful when selecting one so you won’t be wasting money on someone incompetent. You need to ask important questions to the potential candidates so you can assess their skills and capacity first before making the final decision on whom to hire.

  1. What style of photography do you plan to use?

There are different wedding photography styles that professional wedding photographers offer to their clients. Some apply the traditional wedding photography style that is posed and formal. Others prefer the reportage or photojournalistic style where the photographer takes pictures as events unfold. You need to determine if the wedding photographer’s style suits your wedding needs. There are couples today that choose a wedding photographer who combines traditional and photojournalistic styles so there are formal shots as well as candid shots during the wedding.

  1. How long have you been working as a wedding photographer?

Ask the candidate how many years has he/she specifically been working as a wedding photographer. You need to know how extensive or not his/her experience is. Request also to have a look at his/her work portfolio and observe the consistency of his style. Check out also wedding albums of his past clients and if you like what you see then add him/her to your shortlist of candidates.

  1. What does the wedding package include?

It is important to know what the wedding package will include – how many pictures in print will they produce, how many hours will he/she cover, how many digital will they send, how much is the deposit and how much is the overtime charge if there’s any. Make sure the details are very specific so there will be no misunderstanding in the future.

  1. Do you have a second shooter or assistant?

Many wedding photographers today such as this Orange County wedding photographer usually bring along a second shooter or assistant. The second shooter can cover the other happenings during the wedding and he/she can replace the wedding photographer while he is taking a quick meal during the event. If the assistant doesn’t know how to shoot, he/she can at least help in setting up the scene as well as in carrying equipment. Work will be better and more efficient if there are two or more of them working together on your wedding.

  1. How many days will you finish the post-production of the pictures?

The length of time for post-production varies from photographer to photographer. It will depend on his/her current workload, experience in editing as well as your agreed final product whether a lot of the pictures are for print or there are more digital copies. Make sure to ask how many weeks will it take him/her to finish and if you can possibly view initial shots so you will know what to expect or you can give suggestion on the editing.

Your wedding is extremely important and it is surely best to get the professional wedding photographer who can really make your wedding exceptional and unforgettable.

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