Choosing the Best Time for a Family Portrait Shoot

family pictureA family portrait shoot is always a fun and memorable experience for the whole family. Family members get to bond with one another and create memories together. Some families do it regularly while others do it annually or whenever everybody is available.

Gathering everybody for a family photo shoot especially if it involves all immediate family members is not easy. Adult family members are busy with business or work while young members are usually busy with their studies. But regardless of how busy each one is, it is still possible to schedule a family photo shoot where everyone can join. It is just a matter of choosing the right season, day or time.

Here are some tips on how to choose the best schedule for a family portrait shoot.

  1. When a birthday, wedding or occasion is going to be celebrated, you can schedule it right after the occasion or a day before the event. Most if not all members will surely be there to attend. Some clients of this natural wedding photographer schedule a family photo session after the wedding of a relative.
  2. During holidays, family members will be less busy since there will be no work for adults and no class for students. Hence, it is good time to organize a family photo shoot. Christmas holiday is one of the best periods for planning your family photo session since family gatherings are more possible to organize.
  3. Inform the family members of your desire to have a family shoot as early as possible. You can ask for suggested dates from several members and allow others to vote unless you right away agree on a date. Start calling up on family members once you have some dates in mind.
  4. When it comes to the best time of the day for a shoot, you can have it anytime if it is an indoor shoot. But then, if you are going to have it outdoors like in the garden, park or other outdoor location, you should choose a morning schedule before 10am or in the late afternoon at around 4pm to 6pm. The sun is not too bright during those hours so the heat won’t be excruciating and the natural light will be just right for the photographer to make use of. With the right kind of light, better pictures can be produced by the photographer.
  5. A family portrait shoot usually lasts from 2 to 3 hours, similar to calgary newborn photography, depending on what is agreed upon between the photographer and the client. If there are kids joining the shoot, it is best to have it in the morning so the kids will be in a good mood and will cooperate with the shooter.

Having a regular or annual family photo session is not only a good way to bond with one another but it is also a great way to notice the development among members. You will notice how each family member have grown over the years by looking at the family pictures taken periodically. It will surely be an amazing experience for everyone thus it is best to schedule your photo session when everyone can be present to join.

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