Boudoir Photography Tips for the First Timers

boudoir photographyNot all people feel comfortable posing in front of the camera for a photo shoot. Some individuals feel awkward doing the poses that photographers want them to do. A good example are women who are about to undergo a boudoir photo shoot. This means to say that a professional photographer must be able to gain the trust of the client for the shoot to be a success.

A boudoir photo shoot involves a woman wearing sexy outfits to show their sensual side. These women have different purposes on why they are interested in doing such photo shoot. Some do it to gain confidence about themselves while most women do it to present their photos as a gift to their partner on their wedding, anniversary or other special occasion.

If you are a first-time boudoir photographer, you might feel nervous about your first project. You have to know the best way you can perform and deliver on your first project so it will become successful. A successful first with a satisfied client can most likely generate positive feedback and word of mouth will give more exposure to your business.

So, here’s how you can prepare and make your first boudoir photo shoot remarkable.

  1. Learn how to play with the light

Light is important in photography and in most cases insufficient lighting can cause an image to look unpleasant. But then, in boudoir photography, there are times when insufficient light on some parts of your image can help hide the not-so nice side and highlight the best parts. You have to learn how to play with the light to get the shot you want. Light, angle choice and positioning are huge factors that can either make your boudoir photos look brilliant or the opposite.

  1. Ask for her purpose

During the first meeting, it important for you to know every important detail about your client like what she likes, what she thinks her best assets are and of course know her purpose for undergoing this photo shoot. Does she plan to give the photos as a wedding gift? Or does she want intend to keep the photos to herself so it will remind her in the future or how she looked before? By gathering personal information about her, you can plan and prepare better for the shoot. You can make the session more personalized and different.

  1. Pay attention to their needs

Both you and your client need to prepare for the pictorial. Hence, apart from planning and preparing what you need, you have to also assist your client in getting ready for the boudoir pictorial. Give her the support she needs such as choosing the right lingerie, shoes and accessories as well hiring a hair and makeup artist if your client does not have one yet. You can also give helpful advice like not wearing too tight clothing when going to the venue to avoid red marks on her body. Give your client the help and attention she deserves to have.

  1. Break the ice through a champagne or wine

Upon the arrival of your client, offer her a champagne or wine to make her feel more relaxed. Talk a bit about small stuff just to break the ice and make her more at ease with you. If she requested to have a friend along, then allow one to be with her if that makes her feel comfortable.

Clear communication is also critical in making your boudoir photography shoots successful. You and your clients must always be in agreement so everything will run smoothly. Even this wedding photographer cambridgeshire agrees on this.

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