A Quick Review of the Olympus OMD EM5 MKII

Olympus OMD em5 MarkIIAre you tired of bringing your bulky DSLR when covering a wedding or special event? Are you looking forward to getting a lighter mirrorless camera? Well, need not look any further. Take our advice and get an Olympus OMD EM5 Mark II.

Olympus EM5 Mark II is a mirrorless camera which was released only last February 2015. It belongs to the OMD series developed by Olympus to cater to the demands of photo enthusiasts for reliable mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras.

The EM5 Mark II is considered an improved version of the original EM5 model. Some of its technical features worth noting are as follows:

New solid design with better grip

Compared to the older OMD models, this EM5 Mak II has a remarkable, new design with better grip that makes it easier to hold when taking shots. The camera body is covered with solid metal making it compact and damage-resistant. Adjustments in the settings are also easier since the buttons and the dials are placed in a better position.

Better, thicker twin dials

The twin dials on top are prominently thicker compared to the original EM5 and with this, it easier for the user to fine-tune the dials whenever necessary. The buttons of this camera are also customizable so the users can choose what he/she wants to add or access quickly. This is what wedding photographer kent likes about EM5 Mark II.

Higher Image Resolution

The best feature of EM5 Mark II is perhaps its impressive image resolution of 40 MP. It surely has an edge over other mirrorless cameras with only around 16MP. With a 40MP, you can produce sharper, clearer images that are worth showing off and keeping for a lifetime.

Weather proof and Freeze-proof

Cameras under the OMD series are known to be rock-solid and weather proof but with this EM5 Mark II it is not just weather-resistant but also freeze-proof! Your camera will still function even in locations that are freezing cold. Furthermore, when you place the camera in a PT-EP13 housing, you can shoot underwater. This is indeed unique and unavailable in other mirrorless cameras.

Quick sleep mode

The quick sleep mode option in the Olympus EM5 Mark II allows you to take around 700 shots before your battery drains out. It is comparatively high compared to the 100 shots you can make on normal shooting mode.

Vari-angle, touch screen with an upgraded screen panel

Olympus EM5 Mark II has a 3inch vari-angle touch screen with a 1024 x 768 resolution and 2.36 million dot LCD panel. It is of course higher and more upgraded than prior versions. This hampshire wedding photographer is really impressed by this.

Mark II remains touch-sensitive thus allowing the user to easily change focus when taking shots, view images or make adjustments in the control panel.

Improved built-in image stabilization at 5 stops

Better image stabilization means sharper image even when subject is moving. With Mark II, the image stabilization is at 5stops which is superior than 4 stops in previous models.

Other features worth noting about Olympus OMD EM5 Mark II are the built-in wi-fi, larger viewfinder, selfie-assist mode and availability in black and silver colors.  This camera is indeed worth buying especially if you are after a lighter yet reliable camera that can produce awesome images.

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