6 Top Reasons You Should Use a Tripod

uses of tripodThere is a popular saying among photographers that “In every decent DSLR camera, a sturdy tripod should always be by its side”. Yes indeed this is true. A tripod is certainly an essential accessory that photographers must bring along with their camera. Professional photographers who have been in the industry for several years already can attest to how a tripod plays a big role in his photography career.

A tripod is also a favorite among outdoor shooters specifically landscape photographers. It helps them compose their shots better thus they are able to produce brilliant landscapes and other shots. Below are the other reasons why photographers should use a tripod.

  1. Clearer and sharper images

A tripod can provide stability to the camera so there will be less camera shakes or movement while taking pictures. No matter how steady you try to hold the camera, there are instances you move it unintentionally especially when using a long lens thus giving you blurry images. But then, with the use of a tripod you can avoid such from happening. You can even use a remote to click when you’re ready to shoot so you won’t move anything.

  1. Longer exposure

Another reason a tripod is one of the best camera accessories is because it helps a photographer to capture great images at nighttime. Advanced cameras today allow a photographer to capture images at night time. But then, longer exposure is still needed to get more light into the lens and one way to achieve this is by using a tripod. It can keep the camera steady even for a long period.

  1. All in one equipment

Tripod is considered by some photographers like an all-in-one equipment. It can be used as a light stand or serve as a camcorder. There are available tripods in the market which you could literally twist its legs to hold on something and give stability to it.

  1. Best for close up shots

A tripod can help make it easier for photographers to take close up shots of their subjects. When taking shots of a group, you can help your subjects with their poses without having to carry a heavy camera all the time. You can just place the camera, compose the shot, plan the poses and take the shot. Photographers who are into quirky wedding photography find this feature very important when covering wedding events.

  1. Best for Telephoto lens

A telephoto lens is a favorite by most photographers especially for those who zoom in a lot. A telephoto lens is almost three times bigger than your ordinary lens thus making it difficult to handle at times. With a telephoto lens, a tripod can provide stability to the camera and lessen the burden of having to always carry it.

  1. Creativity

With the use of tripod, a photographer can be more creative with his/her shots. He/she put down his camera on the tripod and plan better the shots to take. The photographer can spend time in more productive tasks like manipulating the scene just to achieve the best possible images. Wedding photography essex professionals certainly love to take advantage of tripods in making them produce more creative wedding images.

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